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20-day-long dance workshop in L.A.

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Los Angeles, 17.03.2011

20-day-long dance workshop in L.A.Interested in dance or hiphop?

Los Angeles Dance Dream is an organization that provides monthly, intense dance workshops. The dance classes are specially designed for students who wish to quickly improve their skills in the most popular dance styles, such as Hip Hop, Jazz-Funk, House, Wacking, Krumping, Breakdance, Lyrical -Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, African, Ballet and Tap. The focus of the workshops will be studied choreography which will then be made into a high quality music video.

The level of classes is intermediate / advanced but it's possible to create a required workshop with a minimum of 10 members. It is possible for students under 18 years of age to be a part of the workshops if accompanied by an adult.

If wanted, support with flight booking is offered. Transfer from airport and room and room and board is provided.

Dates of the four workshops, two of each:

14th july till 2nd august
3rd august till 22nd august

Price: 2700 to 3800 Dollars

Further information:
by Marina B. > jfc > Germany



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